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Redesign recommendation

Sep 12, 2013 at 8:41 AM
I think, you should redesign the tool

(A) Split the UI into separate views
  1. The user selection request view
  2. The meta information the tool collects
    The resulting selection view
  3. The contentid to package mapping view
  4. The package construction view
  5. The package export view
(B) Split the workflow into several steps
  1. Selection Request Phase
    The user selects library categories/subcategories/...
  2. Selection Phase
    2.1. The tool collects the (header/meta) information
           - contentid
           - content can / can not be downloaded
           - size
    2.2. The tool marks all items in the tree that are selected now
  3. Mapping Phase
    3.1 The user maps (part of) the selected contentids to one (or several) packages
    3.2 The user starts the download
  4. Download Phase
    4.1 The tool downloads the contentids
    4.1.1 The tool colors the downloaded contentids in the (resulting) selection tree
    4.2 The tool constructs package 1
    4.2.1 The tool shows package pending/termination/failure infos
    4.n The tool constructs package n
    4.n1. The tool shows package pending/termination/failure infos
  5. Export