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This page is a quick tutorial on how to use PackageThis.

1. Select area to download (MSDN or TechNet Library)

2. Select a language to download

3. Download files (checking items)

To automatically download a page and all sub pages, right-click the required page node and click "Download All". All pages and associated images will be downloaded automatically and corresponding tree items checked.

To download a single page (and associated images) check the corresponding box.
To remove a single page uncheck the node.
To remove a node's and all its children's downloads, right-click the node and select "Remove All".

Important: Microsoft recommend you keep package file count < 10,000 files

Some people try and download all files under a root tree node. This can download over 100,000 files and crash the application. Best to download a section; Package; Download another section; Package etc. Microsoft themselves ship large collections made up of several 10,000 file packages.

4. Create Help Package

Use the File menu to create either a .CHM or .HxS or .MSHC help file package.
All TreeView checked items will be packed into the output help file.

5. Install VS 2010/2012 Help

You can run "File > Install Mshc Help File" to install .Mshc help files. Or run the appropriate VS Help Manager to install your help.

6. Create Next Package

MSDN holds around a million topics. Don't try and create very large packages.
Uncheck all items (or restart the application) and begin checking/downloading the next section to package (remember to keep the file count < 10,000 items).

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