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Restoring the capability to select a node and its children

Jul 22, 2013 at 9:57 PM
I was really excited to discover Package This !, and I thank you for your work. However, when I began to use it, I found that it was very difficult to work with, because of a design change made sometime during the development cycle.

I first found out about the product by accident, while browsing pages about the mshcMigrate utility. The text on one page ( notes that: "In Package This, you can either manually check each required page, or right+click a topic and choose "Select This Node and All Children..."" A screen shot shows how the "Select This Node" feature is implemented.

However, after I downloaded and installed version 1.3.10, I found that feature had been removed. There are now more possibilities on the right-click menu, but those two are now missing. The result is that it is no longer possible to scroll the tree, and selectively choose nodes for inclusion in the download. For example, I may want subnodes 1, 3, 5 of a particular root. Each of those have x topics, and perhaps subnodes as well. With the original design, I could pick all that I wanted by clicking the root node, and then then deselecting the two that I did not want.

This is only a minor inconvenience if the nodes of interest only have a few topics, and I'm only interested in a few nodes. But, more typically, MSDN's treatment of a subject will run into the dozens or hundreds of topics.
At that point, your tool becomes much less useful, because of the time that is required to manually select all items of interest.

Since some nodes, with nested subnodes, can contain an enormous number of topics, the current choice of "Download all" is not a suitable replacement, and can lead to much unwanted material being downloaded. I discovered this the hard way, by choosing to download a root node, not realizing that it had several nested "Reference" nodes. I started the download, left to do other things, and returned to find 82,000+ topics downloaded.

Since you already have the code written to include the original items in the right-click menu, it should be fairly easy to put them back. I really hope that you will, so that your fine work can again be used for a wider range of purposes than it can now.

Thanks for your consideration.